About Us

Following many years of extensive experience in academic research, Johannes, Christian and Christoph teamed up and formed a spin-off to develop engineered NV diamond for quantum technologies.


Diatope GmbH was founded as a spin-off from the institute for quantum optics at Ulm University led by world leading quantum scientist Prof. Fedor Jelezko. We have positioned ourselves as a key enabler helping academia, startups and corporates to reach their product or research goal. We support them by delivering engineered NV diamond for quantum technologies.


Our team combines scientific excellence in quantum sensing and quantum computing with unique CVD diamond and color center fabrication technology.


Additionally, we have an entrepreneural mindset and a focus on customer needs. This makes Diatope the perfect partner to realize your research or development project.


You want to know more about us, our technology or the different products and services we can offer? Then check out the two-pager on us or directly get in touch with Johannes and join our growing group of partners.

Our Team

Johannes Lang

Co-Founder and CEO

Johannes is a technology enthusiast and expert in ion implantation and high temperature treatment of diamond. He is motivated and driven by bringing diamond based quantum technology to markets.

Dr. Christian Osterkamp

Co-Founder and managing Director

Christian holds a PhD in physics and is a renowned expert in CVD diamond growth, color center creation and their characterization via state-of-the-art quantum control techniques.

Christoph Findler

Co-Founder and managing Director

Christoph holds a MSc (ETH) degree in materials science from Zürich and is an experienced quantum engineer with deep knowledge in nanoscale quantum charactierzation, engineering and surface science.