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Engineered NV Diamond for
Quantum Technologies

A New Era in Diamond Technology
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Synthetic diamond and its color centers, especially the Nitrogen Vacancy center (NV), have great potential for future applications. It is used in growing industries such as quantum sensing, imaging and computing. We enable these applications with our engineered NV diamond for quantum technologies, which is produced and treated to host the NV centers as sensors or qubits.

Our value includes unique processes, deep Know-How of quantum diamond and a talented team of young engineers and entrepreneurs. Combined with a holistic engineering approach this makes us the perfect partner to realize your product vision, experiment or research project.

Engineered NV Diamond for Quantum Technologies

NV diamond for Quantum Sensing and Quantum Computing

isotopically engineered diamond

Diatope has been established as a company dedicated to the development of engineered NV diamond for quantum technologies. Our vision is to provide an enabling hardware platform which will unlock novel applications as nano-NMR sensors, hyperpolarization agents and quantum processors combining multi-qubit registers and memory.

We are a team of world leading quantum engineers with an entrepreneural mindset. Additionally, we are supported by two of the most renowned researchers in quantum technology and CVD diamond growth worldwide.

We are driving technology to application by developing isotopically engineered diamond material. Using specialized equipment, we control and design NV centers on the nanoscale for their use in quantum sensing and quantum computing industry.

With our hands-on experience in material design and broad knowledge in the field of diamond color centers and their applications, we are the perfect partner for your enterprise to explore new possibilities to harness the power of engineere NV diamond for quantum technologies .

Selected Research Enabled by Our Technology