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Advantages of Diamant over other technology platforms?

Compared to other technologies that can be considered for quantum technology applications, diamonds have the decisive advantage that they can be used at room temperature and that they do not break down on geological time scales. Furthermore, not much energy is required to operate diamond-based quantum sensors and computers.

Additionally, its small packaging size allows to envision mobile, very compact quantum computers that might fit into a lunch box. This advantage is unique among existing quantum computing architectures.

Disadvantages of Diamant compared to other technology platforms?

A major disadvantage of diamond compared to other material classes, such as silicon for example, is that it is not very well researched and difficult to treat. IN quantum computing it still lacks in evolution compared to e.g. superconducting qubit systems whereas in bi-medical appliactions the chemical inertness of the diamond surface hinders the efficient attachment of bio-molecules for quantum sensing applications.

What is a diamond quantum sensor?

Quantum sensors can measure the smallest variables with a very high spatial resolution down to individual nuclear or electron spins. In the case of diamond, these are usually magnetic fields, pressure and temperature.